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ACL Injury Prevention

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ACL injuries happen at an alarmingly high rate in high school athletes. At Atlanta Rehabilitation and Performance Center, we utilize research supported assessments coupled with evidence-based training to design individualized programs to help our athletes reduce their risk of ACL injury.

Why is this important for my teenage athlete?

On average, 70-78% of ACL injuries occur via a non-contact mechanism. The rate of non-contact ACL injury is 2-9 times greater in females than in males. Studies show, programs designed to prevent ACL injuries before they occur can decrease injury rates in female athletes by up to 74-88%

Our Mission

Our goal with the ACL Injury Prevention Program is to train athletes in proper landing mechanics while improving strength, power, flexibility, and overall performance. We provide techniques on correct biomechanics through the use of video analysis, as well as small, individualized group training. Completion of this program will lead to a decrease in injury risk and an increase in overall athletic performance.


Program Overview

  • 6 weeks, 2 Sessions per Week
  • Video analysis performed at first and last session including: Y-Balance, Vertical Jump, Single Leg Hop Test
  • Each session includes a dynamic warm up, corrective excercise, plyometric training, and strength and conditioning.
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“I joined Atlanta Rehab’s ACL Injury Prevention Program because I am a two sport athlete and my legs are very important to my performance. There have been 5 ACL injuries in my immediate family with my mom and my two older sisters. As a basketball player, just like my older sisters, I have personally witnessed the struggles physically and mentally that my sisters had to go through with their injuries and surgeries. Atlanta Rehab’s ACL Injury Prevention Program has definitely made me stronger and a lot less afraid on the court. I have noticed the difference I feel when I play after my first 6 weeks working with Atlanta Rehab. The way my knees and muscles react when I land from a layup now versus before is shocking considering how much my knees caved before I learned how to jump/land and gained strength. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until Atlanta Rehab taught me about my mechanics. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work with Atlanta Rehab who helped decrease my risk of ACL injury. I only wish this program has been around for my older sisters too."

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Sophie Cleveland
Basketball and Volleyball Player at North Hall High School ACL Injury Prevention Program Graduate