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Sports Medicine

Your Safe and Rapid Return to Sport

Get Back in the Game!

At Atlanta Rehabilitation & Performance Center, we provide a continuum of care for our athletes.  Not every medical provider understands the unique needs of the athlete.  Most of our clinicians have advanced degrees in orthopedics or sports physical therapy in addition to certifications and knowledge related to strength and conditioning principles.  Atlanta Rehabilitation & Performance Center’s sports medicine team prevents, evaluates, treats, and optimizes performance through a full spectrum of services.  

  • Onsite game, practice, and event coverage by top certified athletic trainers
  • Timely communication with coaches, parents, and athletes
  • On call accessibility
  • Emergency medical care
  • Network of sports medicine fellowship-trained physicians on call
  • Rehabilitation with top sports physical therapists
  • Conditioning program coordination and development
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Sports recovery programs
  • Return to sport strength and conditioning programs

Our clients include current athletes in all major professional sports leagues (WNBA, NBA, MLS, MLB), as well as sports programs for over 20 high schools and youth organizations.  

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